Our Story

Lei has been a textiles designer for the past twenty years. During this time, she has developed a precise yet artistic dexterity with fabrics and materials, evident through her exquisitely bold, distinctive and occasionally whimsical designs. Amy, her daughter, inherited her mother’s artistic talents and now as an adult, has developed a keen eye for fashion and a strong sense of personal style. This mother-daughter team now designs jewellery together for their very own Australian fashion label, Doury.

Lei and Amy have always shared a love for large, extravagant jewellery but have found the sheer weight and size of such statement pieces can make them uncomfortable to wear. Not wanting to limit themselves, they decided that there must be a way of creating statement jewellery that is both glamorous and breathtaking yet weightless and comfortable. They found that the solution lay in a unique choice of raw material - leather. Lei and Amy were inspired by the softness and flexibility of leather, which allowed them to unleash their creativity and design magnificent pieces which could be worn not just as jewellery, but as pieces of art.